l  a  n  n  a      p  e  j  o  v  i  c


artist  statement

My art practice consists of painting, drawing and printmaking in an impressionistic and abstract style.  I am inspired by the sensory world of nature; light, color, texture and even sound.  These elements continually bring up memories especially those from childhood places that left a deep impression on me.

The house of my grandfather, surrounded by mountains and sea on the Adriatic coast captured my imagination early in life.  After that there were gardens and churches in Florence, Italy and the Tuscan countryside where I lived for a few years before my family emigrated to the US.   My experience with these places is long in the past but I have never lost touch with myself as I was then.  Their particular character is always with me and at the heart of what I express in my art. 

I approach painting as a meditation on space.  The process is a dialogue between me and my materials and the relationships that emerge.  Oil paint is my primary material but I often start in acrylics and use other media such as charcoal and pastel directly in the paint.  A painting is finished when an image has acquired an emotional as well as a formal presence.  The effect the colors have on the senses is the most important expressive element I use.  I would like viewers to experience my work as if it were music, respond to the mood and find their own place in it.